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About OPTEN Holding

OPTEN Holding offers a wide range of electric power engineering services and large scale mapping on the base of airborne laser survey. We provide power utilities all over the world with accurate real-time information on the state of their power grids, that allows companies to undertake effective maintenance of their power transmission lines. The results of our work help grid companies to launch their network efficiency to a new level. 

Our core strengths 
that distinguish us among our competitors:

Great experience:

With very extensive know-how in Airborne Laser Surveys OPTEN ranks among the world leaders in this sphere. We completed over 140 000 km of Уcorridor-typeФ LiDAR surveys in 15 countries worldwide, among them over 100 000 km Ц LiDAR surveys of overhead power lines.

Our expertise:

We introduced to the market unique methods for network technical state monitoring, developed our own technology for laser data processing. Since 1996 the company takes an active part in the organization activity within Russian National CIGRE Committee, since 2001 OPTEN has been a CIGRE collective member.

OPTEN was among the first
in providing LiDAR surveys for the purpose of new line construction, line sag analysis, and uprating of existing transmission lines. Besides OPTEN first served power industry as turnkey developer of fiber optic telecommunication lines installed on existing overhead power lines.

Final product delivery:

We deliver the final product in the format of ClientТs standard documentation and provide complete engineering solutions including a specialized information system for storage, management and interactive exchange of newly acquired survey data.

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