Power line technical condition monitoring

Route Mapping

Route map represents the true position of the power line and its elements (e.g., structures , conductors, conductor and insulator attachment points) with a high-resolution digital orthophotoplan. It also includes such information as vegetation density and position, critical clearances, intersections, various objects within the survey swath and all other relevant information in accordance with the specifications. The feature coding list, the basis for attributing points to particular classes, is always agreed with the Client.

The route map can be delivered in various GIS formats. It also serves as a GIS database that includes all relevant information gathered during the survey and data processing. High-resolution digital true color photomap with scale of down to 1/1000 conveys the actual situation plan of the route. Small pixel size of the photomap on the ground plane allows seeing all the details of the route.

Not to mention that all the data obtained during the survey is of truly three-dimensional nature that represents actual ground profile along the route, vegetation and the objects, crossing infrastructure, conductors catenaries, etc.

Inventory Mapping

Power utilities possessing precise actual inventory information respond much more successfully to the routine maintenance tasks. OPTENs laser survey data brings up-to-date accurate information about the power lines geometry and condition. The data is of three-dimensional nature and per Customers request can be prepared for use in virtually any CAD application such as PLS-CADD, AutoCAD or Microstation.

The objects recognition and feature coding of the points are conducted during the data post-processing. The Customer receives:

    accurate 3D positions of the towers locations;
    conductors attachment points conductors catenaries;
    tower attachment points;
    crossing infrastructure etc.

The list of features to be recognized and feature-coded for use in PLS-CADD or to be presented on the drawings will be exactly as per your specifications. The information obtained during the survey and data processing can be also presented in form of spreadsheets. Such parameters as clearances, vegetation density and location, sag, tension, towers positions and many others will be delivered in the format of your standard documentation.

For effective use of information about the utilitys actual line assets, we can combine results of airborne LiDAR survey with other available technical data on the power line in a detailed and accurate database. Three-dimensional nature of the laser survey data will bring new possibilities for your line management programs.

Being PLS-CADD or any other CAD-application user, you will find the laser survey data easy to manage and incorporate in your projects. Three-dimensional nature of the data and accurate measurements obtained in strictly timely manner allows monitoring the condition of the power line on the new technological level.

Fig. 1. Route mapping

Fig. 2. Route mapping

Fig. 3. Route mapping

Fig. 4. Inventory

Fig. 5. Inventory



OPTEN completed another data acquisition stage of LIDAR survey of 2000 kms of power transmission lines in New Zealand for national electric network operator Transpower within schedule and planned budget despite of bushfires in the area of survey.

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Another successful LIDAR survey project completed in France. OPTEN surveyed 100 kms of power transmission lines for RTE in Toulouse region.

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