Industrial objects 3D modeling on the base of laser survey technology

The 3D accurate earth surface data collected during our airborne LiDAR survey can be used for a variety of applications. Our airborne LiDAR surveys have become the method of choice for the following industries:  

Power Utilities

Three-dimensional information about actual power line geometry and condition brings into the spotlight all relevant details along the route of the power line. Accurate data about the terrain and conductors collected during LiDAR survey allows us creating a comprehensive report verifying the line's maximum thermal operating capacity specifying the temperature, at which the conductors could violate their minimum clearance to the ground, vegetation and other on-ground objects.

Fig. 1.

Pipeline Utilities

Pipeline utilities rely on geospatial data, which transmits the location information about the pipeline network and the system relation to the surrounding objects for a variety of purposes. Using our airborne LiDAR survey we deliver to the Client rapidly collected and fully processed accurate 3D data in the format of your standard documentation. It contains many important terrain parameters (e.g., slope) and carefully recognized objects so important for the efficient pipeline system maintenance and monitoring.
OPTENs airborne LiDAR survey deliverables present a real value in terms of pipeline safety applications. Regularly updated accurate information on the pipeline route lets resist or decrease the major excavation damage and consequences of various natural disasters. OPTENs products let pipeline utilities deal with a wide range of critical issues:

    Updating or creating inventory documentation.
    The properly acquired terrain characteristics allow locating steep slopes, which could pose danger to the pipeline structure and its surrounding environment.
    The DTM, which is delivered to our Client, is essential during drainage and watersheds analysis.
    OPTENs laser survey data can become the basis for defining potential risk spots or estimating the possible risk extent posed by vegetation, internal corrosion or other factors.
    Terrain stability analysis, relevant for the secure facility operation.
    Leak detection issues management, in particular the leaking damage amount assessment, is correspondent to the terrain characteristics, which are obtained with LiDAR survey data.
    Cadastre registration of objects belonging to the pipeline network.

Pipeline network design activities also benefit from our precise three-dimensional survey data. Bringing into the spotlight the type of the terrain the detailed information lets assessing the feasibility of new routes construction in particular areas.
The airborne LiDAR survey data is also used when an existing route is rebuilt or extended. Possessing precise Digital Terrain Model and taking into account the up-to-date terrain characteristics designers choose the safe routes for pipeline placing.
Our laser survey data is usually combined with the acquired digital photography and video, which add value to the laser survey products.

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Highways & Railroads

We deliver to our Clients accurate 3D data about the route geometry such as grade and side-slope, adjacent vegetation, various objects on the waysides, electrification, track condition and various crossing facilities. All this data presented in the format of the Clients standard documentation paints the entire picture of the route state and can also be used in further engineering analyses, among which:

    noise modeling;
    ncident analysis;
    emission study;
    passing/stopping sight distance assessment;
    definition of water sink volumes and drainage conditions analysis;
    flooding analysis;
    clearances analysis of overhead power lines belonging to railway electrification system.

Not to mention that with OPTENs 3D laser survey data many design stages become much more accurate and efficient. Possessing precise three-dimensional models of the area under the survey gives the designers a better understanding of the route optimum location and characteristics.
The delivered survey data can be accompanied by time- and coordinates-referenced video and accurate orthophotos of the surveyed area.

Fig. 5.

Fig. 6.

Telecommunication Companies

For our Clients in the telecommunication industry we make available precise up-to-date 3D elevation information, which is indispensable for:

    surveying and/or expanding the existing networks;
    identifying the most suitable locations, planning and construction of new grids;
    analyzing and modeling possible changes in the network characteristics under the specified conditions.

The laser survey data is delivered in the format specified by our Customer. The results, which may include DTM, 3D city models, high accuracy surface maps, orthorectified images and video, meet the requirements of the Client in terms of accuracy and quality.

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OPTEN completed another data acquisition stage of LIDAR survey of 2000 kms of power transmission lines in New Zealand for national electric network operator Transpower within schedule and planned budget despite of bushfires in the area of survey.

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Another successful LIDAR survey project completed in France. OPTEN surveyed 100 kms of power transmission lines for RTE in Toulouse region.

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