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Echo of World War 2 and Aerial LiDAR Survey

OPTEN is known for its aerial survey of overhead power lines and PLS-CADD line design. However, as a Russian company, we are contributing to historical research and excavations in Russia. Since 1941 the deadliest battles of World War 2 occurred on the areas of former Soviet Union that are now Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. More than 7 millions soviet soldiers were killed in that war and too many of them were left in the field or buried in unnamed and unknown graves. There is a wide volunteer movement in Russia to find the bodies of the war heroes, excavate, identify them and bury them in the WW2 memorials with the respect and ceremony they well deserved.

The report will show the outcomes of the Aerial LiDAR project to survey Pogostie area near Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). For more than two years it was a battle field (Sep-1941 - Oct-1943). Red Army casualties in this area were more than 30 000. Most of the bodies were buried in the funnels or in the unmapped mass graves without any monuments. For more than 60 years the area was covered by the dense forest. LiDAR has helped to penetrate vegetation and find local 'anomalities' of the ground surface. Combined with historical research in archives, it helps to pin point exact locations for the excavations by the volunteer crews.

Yuriy Svoiskiy, Project Manager, OPTEN ZAO and Konstantin Konakov, Director General, OPTEN ZAO

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