The company Soyuztekhenergo (OPTEN Group of companies) has completed the installation of the MetrySense-4000 power lines insulation monitoring system for JSC Lenenergo...

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The company OPTEN has completed a project on 700 km power transmission lines survey for Réseau de Transport d'Électricité...

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OPTEN has completed acceptance flights of our new LiDAR scanner

       OPTEN has completed acceptance flights of our new LiDAR scanner. We are going to be the first company in the world providing our services on the basis of the most up-todate and effective ALTM Orion with pulse repetition rate of 300 kHz:

       СOur tests confirmed that this instrument is capable to detect the thinnest phase wires, shield wires and crossarms. It is equipped with powerful laser that helps in penetrating dense vegetation canopy and  measuring terrain level. With the aid of this tool, OPTEN will supply our Customers with most recent and complete info about the actual capacity of their power network, itТs bottlenecks and de-facto condition of their overhead power lines.LiDAR data clouds from our new OPTECH instrument will enable us to identify the smallest details that are required for uprating of existing power lines and designing of a new ones.While maintaining OPTENТs  high quality of modelling for 35-750 kV lines, the leap in detection capability will allow us to expand our market share and offer services for the networks with lower voltages ( 6-20 kV).Т

Konstantin Konakov Director general ZAO OPTEN Limited

       СWe are happy that this summer we will work with the most modern equipment in the world. When we combine the pulse repetition rate of 300 kHz and our new photo cameras with electronic shutter, our operator will have a huge contingency in speed and height of flight. So the new ORION  will allow us to overcome previous limitations on flight parameters and will add to safety of our flights above hilly terrains and under windy conditions.Т

Konstantin Konchenko Deputy director general, ZAO OPTEN Limited

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