The company Soyuztekhenergo (OPTEN Group of companies) has completed the installation of the MetrySense-4000 power lines insulation monitoring system for JSC Lenenergo...

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The company OPTEN has completed a project on 700 km power transmission lines survey for Réseau de Transport d'Électricité...

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Russia, May - October 2011 JSC Moscow United Electric Grid Company (JSC MOESK)

The main project objectives were:
-to monitor technical condition of 3000 km of power transmission lines within the framework of planning further measures aimed at transmission   reliability improvement;
-to detect defects not detected in the course of Emergency Recovery Work, as well as hidden defects that need an instrumental monitoring to be located:
-         dangerous clearance issues that can cause power outages and accidents referred to sag and clearance to earth and crossing infrastructure;
-         open and latent defects in conductors, wires, towers and tower foundations.
The deliverables included the results of instrumental measurements of sags of over 15000 spans of 177 power transmission lines (110 kV):   there were detected more than 100 dangerous clearance issues to earth that needed immediate elimination, including clearance violations resulted from freezing rain.
There was calculated a span-by-span vegetation area within the glades, and were detected dangerous trees outside the exclusion zones that threatened to fall on power lines.

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