The company Soyuztekhenergo (OPTEN Group of companies) has completed the installation of the MetrySense-4000 power lines insulation monitoring system for JSC Lenenergo...

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The company OPTEN has completed a project on 700 km power transmission lines survey for Réseau de Transport d'Électricité...

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SOYUZTECHENERGO has gathered skilled experts in OHL and FOCL-OHL designing. This is a complex process based on technology and science featuring combination of multiple factors that influence each other. Professional accounting for all these factors allows to avoid serious problems with a future line. Such problems usually lead to significant expenses, cost much labor and time in course of their solution, as well as cause other troubles due to the line shutdown.


Designing 35-500 kV OHL


OHL design works include:


- Survey performance using aerial laser scanning technology. Besides obvious advantages for design application, its data provides utility with full information on all objects within a designed OHL alignment corridor.


- Choice of alignment and basic technical solutions, specifically for terrain factors like highlands, swamp, long spans over rivers and other extended objects, iced soil, contamination, closure to populated areas, areas of environmental protection or archeology, crossing or closure to other infrastructure. Accounting for the above circumstances lets anticipate further difficulties and therefore reduce overall work duration.


- Special techniques and solutions for individual conditions, such as high temperature conductors, long spans over rivers and other extended objects, full or partial reinforcement of latticed structures, untypical foundations, design of phase to phase spacers installation, preventing conductors galloping.


Designing FOCL on existing 35-500 kV OHL


Technical solutions for FOCL on existing OHL have to provide proper optical parameters for telecom line, as well as meet all technical requirements to FOCL being an element of OHL. We account for all relevant industry’s particularities and meet applicable national and international codes and standards.


Our works include OPGW stringing design with ice melting provisions applied, calculation of short current thermal effects in OPGW, optimal cable design selection for specific OHL sections, calculation of electric field space potentials for determining ADSS suspension point.


All engineering calculations and design work is performed using most advanced and complex line design software PLS-CADD, that dramatically improves design quality and quickness. Among many other advantages, a PLS-CADD design provides, besides traditional outcome files and papers, a three-dimensional interactive OHL model with all survey data and engineering calculations being its integral part.

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